On-Demand Content

The following presentations were selected for oral presentation at the conference. With the shift to an online program for the main site, these speakers were asked to record their presentations and the recordings will be available for all conference registrants.
Videos will be available after the conference start.
  Adoption of Precision Agriculture  
  Development of Lodging Direction Determination System Using Image Processing
Yuta Arai
  Applications for UAVs  
  Cashew Trees Detection and Yield Analysis using UAV-based Map
Thierry Roger Bayala
  Decision Support Systems  
  Excellence in Agronomy 2030: A new CGIAR-wide initiative to deliver agronomy solutions at scale
Bernard Vanlauwe
  Precision Agriculture for Field and Plantation Crops  
  Development of Canopy Mapping System of Asian pears (Pyrus pyrifolia Naka) Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Jaehwan Lee
  Precision Agriculture for Small Holders  
  Mechanisation of Smallholders in Zambia by Agrodealer Development
Sven Peets
  Precision Nutrient Management  
  Implementation of Proximal Soil Sensing, Data Fusion and Machine Learning to Improve Phosphorus Management at a Field Scale
Abdelkrim Lachgar
  Nutrient Management Tailored to Smallholder Agriculture Enhances Productivity and SustainabilityPauline Chivenge
Pauline Chivenge
  Precision Water Management  
  A Precision Irrigation App for Smart Water Management by Farmers
Aziz Abouabdillah
  Monitoring Irrigation Water Use at Large Scale Irrigated Areas Using Remote Sensing in Water Scarce Environment
Mohamed Hakim Kharrou
  Proximal and Remote Sensing  
  Estimating Soil Organic Carbon from Cell Phone Images
Asim Biswas
  Estimating Greensnap Yield Damage with Canopy Reflectance: a Case Study
Gabriel Dias Paiao
  Spectral Assessment of Chickpea Morpho-Physiological Traits from Space, Air and Ground
Ittai Herrmann
  Robotics, Automation, and Small Farm Mechanization  
  A Review on Sensor Based Robotics Agriculture: Improving Traditional Agriculture Practices
Sachin C Karad
  LiDAR-based soybean crop segmentation for autonomous navigation
Vitor A Higuti
  Market Acceptance and Willingness to Pay for Drone Technology in the Application of Pesticide for the Control of Fall Armyworm
Selorm Omega
  Satellite Imagery  
  Monitoring Corn (Zea mays) Yield using Sentinel-2 and Machine Learning for Precision Agriculture Applications
Ahmed Kayad