Vodjo Nicodème Fassinou Hotegni

Assistant Professor in Crop Physiology, Maître Assistant des Universités du CAMES, Benin. 
Vodjo Nicodème Fassinou HotegniVodjo Nicodème Fassinou Hotegni obtained his PhD in 2014 in Crop Physiology and agri-food value chains management from Wageningen University and Research (the Netherlands). After his PhD, he joined the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (Benin Station) as visiting scientist and worked on agricultural technologies/innovation scaling out in cowpea value chains in Ghana, Mali, Nigeria and Senegal. In 2016, he joined the School of Crop Sciences as Assistant and got promoted in 2019 to Assistant Professor in Crop Physiology (Maître Assistant des Universités du CAMES). He teaches many courses such as Crop (eco)physiology, Post-harvest physiology, Cash crops agronomy, General Agronomy, Scientific writing, Scientific English, Project writing, Technics of crop experimentation. His research work focus on (i) the improvement of quality and yield of agricultural products through precision and sustainable agronomic practices (ii) the effect of biotic and abiotic factors on crops such as neglected horticultural crops in Benin and (iii) the improvement of post-harvest performance of agri-foods products through agronomic practices (pre harvest factors). He is currently involved in many projects such as CREAVARS project (Creation, agro-morphological, genetic and nutritional characterization of new varieties of Amaranth (Anaranthus cruentus L.) resistant to salinity and Orange Flesh Sweet Potato (OFSP) project (Improved Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato Value for Chain Food and Nutrition Security in Benin, Niger and Nigeria). So far, he co-authored about 23 technical sheets related to horticultural crops production and about 12 scientific articles in high impact journals. He has supervised/co supervised so far about 30 students (BSc and MSc).