Author Instructions

Instructions for Authors Preparing Summary Papers

  • Summary papers must be uploaded by 1 DEC 2020 to be published in the conference proceedings.
  • One or more authors of a paper must be registered for the conference by 30 NOV 2020 for it to be included in the conference proceedings.
  • Papers not meeting these requirements will not be included in the conference proceedings.

The online proceedings of the 1st AfCPA will provide an enduring, accessible, citable record of your research. All presenters are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to prepare a summary paper (2 to 4 pages; not including references) for the online conference proceedings. 


A new paper format is being used for the 1st AfPCA to better facilitate online conference proceedings.




Process for Submission

  • Name the file with your abstract number and corresponding author name. For example “Abstract 101 John Smith.doc”.
  • Microsoft Word is the only accepted file format. 
  • Please submit your paper online at by 1 DEC 2020. Login at the site and click the upload paper button to the left of the abstract title. 
  • Paper must be in a digital “CAMERA READY” format, i.e., fully laid out, with all graphics and figures inline. Tables, graphs, and images should be a part of the document, rather than originating from another software source and must be embedded in the text. For example, do not embed an Excel table and send it with the linked database used to generate the table.
  • Absolutely NO faxed papers.
  • DEADLINE: 1 DEC 2020.