Author Instructions

Instructions for Authors Preparing Summary Papers

  • Summary papers must be uploaded by 1 SEPTEMBER 2024 to be published in the conference proceedings.
  • One or more authors of a paper must be registered for the conference by 31 OCTOBER 2024 for it to be included in the conference proceedings.
  • Papers not meeting these requirements will not be included in the conference proceedings.

The online proceedings of the 3rd AfCPA will provide an enduring, accessible, citable record of your research. All presenters are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to prepare a summary paper (2 to 4 pages; not including references) for the online conference proceedings. 


3rd AfPCA online conference proceedings instructions.




Process for Submission

  • Name the file with your abstract number and corresponding author name. For example “Abstract 101 John Smith.doc”.
  • Microsoft Word is the only accepted file format. 
  • Please submit your paper online at by 1 SEPTEMBER 2024. Login at the site and click the upload paper button to the left of the abstract title. 
  • Paper must be in a digital “CAMERA READY” format, i.e., fully laid out, with all graphics and figures inline. Tables, graphs, and images should be a part of the document, rather than originating from another software source and must be embedded in the text. For example, do not embed an Excel table and send it with the linked database used to generate the table.
  • Absolutely NO faxed papers.

Poster Presentation Instructions

  • Poster format must be no larger than 44.5 inches high by 44.5 inches wide (1.15 meters by 1.15 meters).  Please be sure your posters are designed to fit in this format.  
  • Posters may be attached to the boards using pushpins or velcro.  Supplies will be available at the conference registration desk. 
  • Posters that are left on display at the end of the conference will be removed by conference staff.  
  • If you have questions please contact

Presentation Instructions

  • Presentation slides should be in 16:9 slide ratio
  • Please send your presentation slides to by 22 November 2024
    • Name the file with your abstract number and corresponding author name. For example “Abstract 101 John Smith.doc”.
  • If you have questions please contact

Virtual Presentation Recording Instructions

All Virtual Presentations must be prerecorded for the conference.  The presentation prerecordings will be available on demand for the main conference site and the satellite sites to play during their conference program. 

Virtual Poster Instructions

AfCPA Virtual Poster Instructions
Virtual posters are a way for conference attendees participating virtually and at the conference satellite sites, to engage with your poster.  Please review the instructional pdf to help you get started.  Authors presenting their poster In-Person are invited to create a virtual poster, but it is not required.  
  • Please find instructions on how to set up your virtual poster in the instructional pdf 
  • Virtual poster presenters are required to be at their computer during the poster session times outlined in the conference program to engage with conference attendees
  • In addition to the virtual poster, virtual poster presenter are encouraged to submit a pdf of their poster that will be printed and posted at the main conference in Nairobi, Kenya. 
    • Posters should be no larger than 44.5 inches high by 44.5 inches wide (1.15 meters by 1.15 meters). 
    • Virtual Poster Presenters: If you plan on attending the conference at a Satellite Site and would like your poster to be displayed there, please email as soon as possible with your abstract number and the satellite site you will be attending. 
  • DEADLINE: 22 NOVEMBER 2024. Pdf submissions must be sent to