African Association of Precision Agriculture

African Association for Precision Agriculture

APNI has founded the African Association for Precision Agriculture (AAPA).  The main objective of the AAPA will be to work as an organized group to contribute to the development of PA in Africa and to engage the global PA community through scientific, informative, extension, and training activities.  The AAPA will apply for active community status within the International Society of PA, which will require the following activities:
  • Hold an Annual Community Meeting (either at the ICPA, other virtual meeting, or otherwise as arranged by Community Leadership)
  • Conduct an election of Community Leadership at the Community Meeting in alternate years.
  • Have a minimum of 10 ISPA members (AAPA board members will be expected to hold active ISPA membership) identified as community members at the end of each calendar year.
  • Maintain a webpage with current information on the ISPA site.
  • Organize a minimum of one oral session, technical tour, workshop, or event at each ICPA or other appropriate venue every two years.
The AAPA board will also have responsibilities to help plan the next APNI-hosted AfCPA in 2022.

AAPA Elections

AAPA elections for President-elect and Regional Representatives from North, West/Central, and East/Southern Africa will be held during the AfCPA this year.
North Africa Representative
West/Central Africa Representative
East/Southern Africa Representative